The Shredder

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Introducing the Ultimate Grooming Tool for dog groomers – the 8" Shredder Combination Curved Chunker Thinner! Cut your grooming time in half with this innovative tool that shreds away weight like a chunker while delivering the smooth finishes of a thinner.

Say hello to efficient grooming sessions and happy furry clients!

- Premium Japanese Hitachi 440C stainless steel
- Sleek Brushed Metal Finish
- 7 & 8" Inch Length
- Curved Blade
- 36 Tooth for precision grooming
- Ergonomic Opposing Handle for comfort
- Dual removable finger rests for added control
- Adjustable tension knob for customized grooming experience

Upgrade your grooming game with The Shredder – the must-have tool for all dog groomers!