Mirage S-2 30 (Double thinner leaves no lines)

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The Mirage S-2 30 is an extremely unique thinner - it has teeth on both sides of the blades so it never leaves a line in the hair, and it also features a double swivel for maximum ergonomics.

  • Includes FREE scissor case, finger ring sizers, and Shisato carbon comb

  • Lifetime Warranty against faulty materials or workmanship

  • Japanese V-10 Cobalted stainless steel, hand-forged Korean shear

  • Blades have 30 teeth on both sides

  • Double teeth thinner never leaves a line in the hair - a true, no line thinner

  • Advanced ergonomic design – extreme crane handle with spacing between the thumb and finger hole that requires around 30% less movement of the thumb and reduces fatigue in the hand

  • “Double” or transactional second ring in the 360 degree pivoting thumb ring gives the stylist the widest range of ergonomic movement

  • A shear for anyone suffering from hand, arm, shoulder, back or neck problems

  • Convex edge and hollow-ground blades, adjustable tension system, both thumb rings swivel 360 degrees

  • Shear available in 30 double teeth (thinner length is 6"), or 5”, 5.5, or 6 inch shear 

  • Cuts out about 25% of the hair