Mirage Orca Lefty Set

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The Mirage Orca Lefty is one of our most popular left handed shears.

  • Lifetime Warranty against faulty materials or workmanship

  • double Teeth Thinner Leaves no lines! 
  • Extremely comfortable handle - has natural hand position and the extra half finger hole keeps stylist's hand from sliding forward

  • True-left handed shear - the sharp edge of the top blade is on the left-hand side of the blade or points to the left

  • Japanese V-10 Super Cobalted stainless steel, forged shear, hand-made in Korea

  • Unique styling of the Orca allows for superb control for precision cutting

  • Fully rotating swivel thumb ring helps with carpal-tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, bursitis, neck or back problems

  • High-quality shear delivers a silky cut and great comfort - excellent for dry cutting

  • Click-dial adjustable tension system - easy-to-adjust the shear’s tension

  • Convex edge and hollow-ground blade for smooth cutting

  • Shear available in 5.5”, 6”.