Mirage B-30 double sided thinning shear (leaves no lines!)

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The Mirage B-30 double sided teeth thinning scissor is our most popular thinning shear - it does not leave a line in the hair!

  • Includes FREE scissor case, finger ring sizers, and Shisato carbon comb

  • Lifetime Warranty against faulty materials or workmanship

  • Japanese Hitachi VG-10 Super Cobalt stainless steel, hand-forged Korean thinners

  • Made from high quality materials - they hold their edge extremely well

  • Unique thinner-blenders have teeth on both blades - does not leave a perceptible line in the hair

  • Very comfortable handle design

  • Teeth have convex edge on back blade, stepped teeth on front blade, hollow-ground concave blades for smooth cutting and thinning

  • Thinner length is 6.25", cuts out about 25% of the hair

  • Dial and plate available in aqua (pictured above), black, or pink - easy to adjust tension