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The Debut Swivel 7" shear is for the stylist who wants a long shear for cutting bobs and long hair, with an ergonomic swivel thumb.

  • Lifetime Warranty against faulty materials or workmanship

  • Japanese 440C stainless steel, forged in Korea

  • Long 7" blade makes cutting more consistent and precise for cutting bobs and long hair - saves time

  • Best ergonomic design in a well-priced shear

  • Crane handle gives the stylist natural hand positioning for less strain and fatigue in the hand

  • Spacing between the thumb and finger rings prevents cramping when closing the shear

  • The 360 degree rotating thumb allows the stylist to use any cutting technique or position with little strain on the hand, elbow, shoulder, or back

  • A great design for anyone suffering from carpal tunnel, tendonitis, shoulder or back pain

  • Convex edge and hollow ground blades

  • Shear available in 7 inch. Also available in 5.5”, 6” shear